The combination of knowledge accumulated over decades, a unique location and investment in the latest technology, allows us to prepare a wide range of products. Begining from the ripeness, we take care of our tomato by controlling it by the best professionals who watch over its natural growth and development. Because of our knowledge and technology, our tomatoes look attractive, and their taste is unique.

Our tomatoes are homogeneous in appearance and quality because of the manufacturing solutions that we apply.Immediately after harvest, fresh fruits are transported to sorting hall with the help of automatic induction vehicles. Before sorting each batch of product is firstly subjected to quality control, then starts the process of automatic sorting.It ensures uniformity of batches of the product in terms of color, weight and diameter. After sorting, the product is automatically packed and pelletized, after passing the final quality control is ready for sale. We realize how quality, speed, timeliness and consistency of supply are important nowadays.

We are convinced that through our infrastructure and experience that has been built for decades, we are able to provide the best and tastiest product on the market in the shortest possible time. We believe that after reviewing our portfolio, you will be keen on trying our products.