Legajny is a little place located in the heart of Warmia and Mazury – the land of a thousand lakes which is famous for the freshest air, greenest forests and crystal clear water. This region of Poland is also widely known for the tourist values which attract both Polish and foreign visitors.

Nearly every Polish citizen has really positive connotations regarding Warmia and Mazury: most of us has tried sailing on the Masuria lakes or at least has heard of the place of main activities of Nicolaus Copernicus. Not every person knows, however, that excellent and delicious tomatoes have been produced here for almost fifty years.

The first greenhouses intended to grow vegetables were built in Legajny in 1962. Tomatoes grown in our place turned out to be of unique taste and freshness. This taste has soon become appreciated by the inhabitants of the region, who, in the course of time, started to perceive the brand ‘Legajny’ as the synonym of a delicious and succulent tomato.

The year 2010 turned out to be crucial for the company since this was the time when the decision of thorough modernization of the whole production infrastructure was made. The main aim of this investment was to create the most modern greenhouse establishment designed for tomatoes growing. It was an extremely ambitious project taking into consideration both the pace of investment and its range. During the last year of works we have managed to complete the task and, afterwards, we could start the production covering the whole cultivated acreage in December 2011.

The result of the investment in Legajny is the largest modern greenhouse complex in Poland – greenhouses of a surface of 19 hectares and the height of 6 m, a sorting building with a warehouse including modern sorting line with automated palletisation and boiler house including the state-of-the-art dust furnaces and a power/energy buffer providing optimal growing conditions even during the periods of hard frost.